Saturday, June 28, 2008

010. Magnificence Everywhere

(Pesona di Alam Raya)

All the comparisons made so far and the examples given throughout this book constitute only a small part of the diversity of Allah's perfect artistry in creation. For example, only a couple of the general traits of butterflies are mentioned, whereas entire pages of books covering just the eyes of butterflies have been written. In addition, there are many different species of butterfly, each one having a unique set of traits. In this book, only a few characteristics of the human body are dealt with in a general way, but voluminous books and research papers on the subject of bones alone are available. There are books filled with pages devoted to the cornea of the human eye, the wings of an insect, and even to the substance of these wings
All this provides concrete evidence for the existence of Allah. Allah encompasses all things in His knowledge and anybody who understands this will immediately see the magnificence present in creation. Every man will comprehend the greatness of Allah, according to the degree of his own wisdom and conscience.

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