Saturday, June 28, 2008

018. - (4 Ebooks in 1 File)

1. For Men of Understanding (Menyingkap Rahasia Alam Semesta)

One of the purposes why the Qur’an was revealed is to summon people to think about creation and its works. When a person examines his own body or any other living thing in nature, the world or the whole universe, in it he sees a great design, art, plan and intelligence. All this is evidence proving God’s being, unit, and eternal power. For Men of Understanding was written to make the reader see and realize some of the evidence of creation in nature. Many living miracles are revealed in the book with hundreds of pictures and brief explanati

2. The Moral Values of the Qur'an (Nilai Moral Al-Quran)

The moral values of the community we live in are rather distorted. These moral principles which are the products of selfish passions and the greed of people, yield then to selfishness, arrogance, sarcasm, rudeness and cruelty. People believe that, in order to improve their living standards they have to cheat or deceive others.
On that account, duty of a believer is to apply these superior principles that Allah has decreed.
Today believers live in a miscreant community where these divine ethics have been deserted. For that reason, they have to be extremely careful against the perpetrating effects of this perverted and primitive culture. They must continuously judge themselves within this community not to be affected by their degenerated culture, and to be able to apply the moral values of the Qur’an.
This brochure has been prepared to help believers not to forget the basic teachings of the Qur’an, which they should always keep in mind.

3. The Miracle in the Atom (Kesempurnaan Penciptaan Atom)

In the world in which we live, mankind is caught up in a continuous search for the answers to many questions like "what?", "how?" and "in what way?", and can make but little headway in answering them. It is unlikely for man to make his way to the truth unless he asks himself the question "why?" about the extraordinary order and balance with which he interacts.
In this book, we will deal with the subject of "the atom", the groundwork of every animate and inanimate thing. After seeing what occurs and in what way it occurs with regards to the atom, we will seek the answers to the question "why?" The answer to this question will take us to the truth we pursue.

4. Zeal & Enthusiasm Described in The Qur'an (Semangat dan Gairah)

Believers’ enthusiasm and ardor are very different from the concept prevalent in the society of ignorance, which is based on vested interests. The sources of believers’ enthusiasm are their faith, love and devotion to God. Zeal of believers continues to increase until the end of their lives.

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