Saturday, June 28, 2008

023. The Truth of The Life of This World

(Hakikat Kehidupan di Dunia)

One of the major reasons why people feel a profound sense of attachment for life and cast religion aside is the assumption that life is eternal. Forgetting that death is likely to put an end to this life at any moment, man simply believes that he can enjoy a perfect and happy life.
Yet, he evidently deceives himself. The world is a temporary place specially created by Allah to test man. That is why it is inherently flawed and far from satisfying man’s endless needs and desires. Every attraction existing in the world eventually wears out, becomes corrupt, decays and finally disappears.

This is the never-changing reality of life. This book explains this essential nature of life and leads man to ponder the real place to which he belongs, namely the Hereafter.

(Atas) Sebuah gunung berapi yang sedang meletus.
(Bawah) Bus di tengah lautan lava mengingatkan akan bencana Pompei.

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